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I have been receiving tennis lessons from John and would like to share my exciting experience with other tennis lovers.

John helped me to develop my fundamental skills as well as game tactics/strategies to win matches.

His approaches are eye-opening and mind-blowing for me as he pointed out what I need to do and how I can achieve to improve my tennis game. His thorough and accurate advice is just what I needed to know to develop my consistency in my tennis game.

What also set John apart from others is that his exceptional abilities to relate with people by communicating well with us.

I would highly recommend John to any tennis players or tennis lovers who needs clear guidance to improve the skills in match situations as he will be able to help us with all techniques and strategies that are absolutely essential to win tennis matches and have fun as well !

I joined John’s group adult tennis coaching lessons. I was an avid tennis spectator, but never played the sport.

John coaches at a really good but swift pace – we learn a new technique each week and revise and put into practice previously taught shots. He also gives good attention to each individual, even in a group lesson.

His sense of humour and light conduct make the class fun and entertaining, and makes him very approachable.

I look forward to each Saturday’s sessions with John, and would highly recommend him as a tennis coach.

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